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Water Trap

Water Trap

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ON AIR Moisture/Water Trap 1/4” NPT:

Your essential solution for maintaining peak performance, especially during winter. Designed to filter moisture and debris, it prevents condensation buildup in your air tank, ensuring reliability in cold weather. Install between your compressor and tank to limit water intake, and further protect your investment by capturing excess moisture and debris. Elevate your winter driving experience with ON AIR

As your compressor operates, condensation is naturally formed, leading to the accumulation of moisture in your air tank. With the ON AIR Water Trap installed you can effectively limit the amount of water that enters your air tank, preventing issues such as corrosion and reduced performance.

But the benefits don't stop there. By installing our water trap between the tank and the manifold/valves, you can further protect your investment by capturing any excess water that passes through the tank, along with any debris it may pick up along the way. This additional layer of protection ensures that your air suspension system remains free from contaminants, allowing for smooth operation and reliable performance, even in harsh driving conditions.

Choose between our manual and automatic options to suit your needs!

Trust ON AIR to provide you with the quality and reliability you need to elevate your driving experience. Invest in the ON AIR Water Trap and experience the difference for yourself.

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